Update on the situation of recent mass detention of 34  Kurdish citizens in Iranian Kurdistan

Update on the situation of recent mass detention of 34 Kurdish citizens in Iranian Kurdistan

13:24 - 19 January 2021

Hengaw : At least 34 Kurdish citizens have been detained in the past 10 days since the start of a new wave of mass detention of Kurdish citizens by Iranian security forces, 31 of whom are still in detention.

 According to a report received by Hengaw  Human Rights Organization, following the recent wave of mass detention , on Monday, January 18, 2021, Fardin Advaei, a Kurdish citizen from Selin village in Sarvabad district of Kurdistan has been  detained after being summoned to the Iranian  intelligence office in the city . 

 According to an informed source, this Kurdish citizen has been arrested on charges of collaborating with a Kurdish opposition party .

 On the other hand, on the first day of the detentions , on Saturday, January 9, 2021, a girl from Mahabad, identified as Asrin Mohammadi, and a man from Marivan, identified as Faramarz (an unknown family member) were detained by Iranian Islamic revolutionary Guards Corps intelligence forces in Tehran and transferred to  detention centers in Urmia and Sanandaj . 

 The detainees from Bukan, Mahabad, Rabat and Naqadeh, along with two students detained in Karaj, were transferred to the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Intelligence Detention Center in Urmia, and the detainees in Marivan, Sarvabad and Sanandaj were transferred to the Detention Centers in Sanandaj.

 Of the 35 detainees, three have been released.  Taraneh Mohammadi from Baneh and Karo Alidad from Marivan were detained on  the same day and Salman Advaei was released six days after his detention .

 According to research conducted by Hengaw, all detainees informed their families of the detention in short telephone calls in Persian, but none of the families have been able to visit their children.

 A number of media outlets also reported the detention of two citizens, Iman Abdi and Hassan Abdi, who were found to be the same person after an investigation.

Hengaw announces  the names of the detainees as follows:

1- Darya Talabani 
2- Shapul Khezri 
3- Soran Hosseinzadeh 
4- Salar Rahavi 
5- Afshin Mam Ahmadi
 6- Sirvan Nouri 
7- Iman Abdi 
8- Farzad Samani (arrested in Karaj) 
9- Soran Mohammadi 
10- Amir Bayazidi Azar 
11- Asrin Mohammadi 

1- Zanyar Motamedi 
2- Karvan Minuyi
 3- Dana Samadi 
4- Sirvan Karimzadeh 
5- Jabbar Piroozi 
6- Karo Alidad (released) 
7- Sahib Badrouj (detained in Karaj) 
8- Adel Parvazeh

1- Salman Advaei (released) 
2- Siamak Advaei 
3- Akram Adavaei 
4- Fardin Adavaei

1- Bahman Yousefzadeh 
2- Fereydoun Musapour 
3- Farhad Musapour

 1- Abdullah Haji Ahmadi 
2- Peyman Haji Ahmadi 
3- Galavij Abdullahi

1- Azimeh Naseri
2- Hossein Gardashi


1- Aram Yousefi


1- Mohammadi song ( released)