Ahvaz: 28 Sunni Arab Individuals, Including a Woman, Detained for Eight Months

Ahvaz: 28 Sunni Arab Individuals, Including a Woman, Detained for Eight Months

20:01 - 3 December 2023

Hengaw: Sunday, December 3, 2023

Twenty-eight Sunni Arab individuals, one woman and 27 men, have endured seven months and 22 days in detention, remaining in uncertain custody at Shiban prison in Ahvaz.

According to reports received by the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, these twenty-eight prisoners, hailing from Shushtar, Khuzestan province, serve as the heads of their families. Over the last eight months of their detention, the living conditions of their families have become exceedingly fragile, reaching a point where they cannot afford to engage a lawyer and pursue the case.

Human rights activist Arash Sadeghi has reported the ongoing detention of these individuals. The Shushtar General and Revolutionary Prosecutor's Office charged them with "consensus and collusion," leading to the case being transferred to the Dezful Revolutionary Court and subsequently declared closed due to insufficient evidence.

However, Sadeghi highlighted that, despite the closure, the detainees' families sought resolution at the Dezful Revolutionary Court, only to face resistance from the new judge who refused to finalize the case.

These individuals from Shushtar were apprehended by security forces on Monday, April 10, 2023, and subsequently transferred to Shiban prison in Ahvaz, where they continue to be held.

The names of these prisoners are as follows:

Hajar Heydari, Bashir Abdullahzadeh, Jamal Cha'ab, Javad Defari Gassibeh, Hossein Albobaldi, Hossein Bouadhar, Hossein Hamzah, Haider Cha'ab, Khalil Abdullahzadeh, Rashid Deilmi, Rashid Abdullahzadeh, Zaman Anafjeh, Sajad Soleimani Fardi, Hamid Mousavi, Saeed Ja'adaleh, Karim Poursa'adoun, Saheb Krasnejadian, Adel Jaberi Shibli, Abbas Defari Gasbeh, Aziz Abdullahzadeh, Aziz Naserifard, Ali Rami, Ali Ka'ab, Alireza Salmannejad, Isa Royzi Deilmi, Mohammad Sa'adi, Mahmoud Sa'adi and Mahmoud Ghazlawi.