Two Kurdish People Arrested for Attending Newroz Celebrations

18 April 2024 13:01

Hengaw; Thursday, April 18, 2023

Two Kurdish individuals from Miandoab, West Azerbaijan (Urmia) Province, named Omid Ghadernajad and Mohsen Ghaderrash, were arrested after being summoned by the Intelligence Bureau of the Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guards in the city. Their arrest was related to their participation in Newroz Celebration events.

According to a report received by the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, Omid Ghadernajad, 28, and Mohsen Ghaderrash, 30, residents of the village of Haji Hassan Shamamat in Miandoab, were apprehended after being summoned to the Intelligence Bureau of the Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guards.

Sources close to the families of the two individuals stated that they were arrested for their involvement in Nawroz events, celebrating the spring equinox and Iranian new year, and subsequently transferred to the central prison of Miandoab.

According to statistics compiled by the Statistics and Documents Center of Hengaw, at least 13 Kurds have been detained by the security agencies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the past month for their participation in Nawroz celebrations. Additionally, hundreds of others have been summoned and interrogated.

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