33 Teen Suicides in less Than 8 Months

14:03 - 14 November 2018

Hengaw: Last night, a teen from Sardasht ended his life. In less than 8 months 33 Kurdish children and teenagers commited suicide.

On Sunday night, November 11, Sina Hosseini son of Salah, 15 years old from Sardasht ended his life, based on the report of Hengaw Organisation for Human Rights.

"Sina commited suicide by hanging himself due to poverty", said a source with information.

In less than 8 months in Kurdistan, at least 33 teens all underage of 18 ended their lives of whom 24 were girls and 9 were boys, according to statistic center of Hengaw Organisation for Human Rights.

Illam and Sardasht each with 5 underage suicide cases hold the highest record.

In this period of time, 14 cases were from Urmia province, 7 from Kermanshan(Kermanshah), 5 from Sna(Sanandaj) and one from Northern Khorasan, based on this report.

Also, 50% of the cases meaning 17 cases were due to family issues, 11 were due to poverty and in 5 cases the reason of the suicides has not been cleared yet.