Arresting 8 citizens after wounding 2 Iranian Army’s forces

04 May 2017 13:43

Hengaw: Eight Kurdish citizens were arrested by the Iranian Intelligent forces in in Bemzortah, a village of Shno (OShnaviah) Wednesday.

The identities of the arrested persons are as follows:

1- Kamal Hossain Doust, 28, son of Mohammad Malik

2- Khosrow Hamko, 35, son of Mohammad

3- Mobin Hamko, 16, son of Kamran

4- Rashid Hamko, 50, son of Hamko

5- Jalal Bishir, 45, son of Khidr

 6- Azad Zangi, 35, son of Abdollah

 7- Karim Ashwan, 57

 8- Wasim Hamko, 20, son of Rashid All of the arrested persons are from Bemzortah village and have been transferred to prison of the Intelligent Service of Shno.

An armed clash between a few armed persons and the IRGC’s forces was erupted Tuesday night and left two wounded from the IRGC’s forces including the Deputy-Commander of the region’s Army Baitollah DadKhah.

 Based on reliable report, DadKhah has been injured from his spinal cord.

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