10 Kurdish citizens including a professor arrested in Bokan

20 May 2017 11:42

Hengaw: 10 Kurdish citizens have been arrested by the Iranian security forces during a few days ago.

The Intelligence Service of Bokan, a city of Urmia Province has arrested dozens citizens.

 The identities of six of ten arrested citizens are as follows:

  1. Dr. Mansour Mohammadpour, a member of the scientific Bureau of Bokan University

  1. Mohsen Bardazard, an Imam of a village in Bokan

  1. Salahaddin Karwani

  1. Rebwar Mohammadi

  1. Kamal Andelos

  1. Mawloud Rahimi

All of them have been accused to having the religious activities by the Iranian security organizations.

Despite their families’ track, there is no information about their keeping place yet.

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