Urmia: The situation of two arrested Kurdish citizens is not clear

21 May 2017 12:45

Hengaw: The situation and keeping place of two Kurdish citizens whom were arrested more than two weeks ago, is not clear yet.

 Two Kurdish citizens, from Urmia whom were arrested by the Iranian security forces on May 5, 2017, have been confronted with unclear situation.

Fahim Ghassemi and Hossein Hossseinzadeh were arrested in charge of “spreading the Kurdish nationalism” by the Iranian Intelligence service while they were attending the campaign of a Kurdish candidate for the City and Village Council of Urmia.

After being kept for two weeks in the Urmia Security Detention, Fahim and Hossein were transferred to the Urmia branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Detention on May 17. Their situation is not clear from May 17.


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