In the past 10 days, at least 6 kurdish women have been arrested

07 October 2017 00:56
Hengaw: In the wake of the recent arrests of the Kurdistan people, at least 6 women were arrested for pleasures and support of the referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan.
So far, the identity of six kurdish women and daughters of the detainees has been identified for "Hengaw ".
the identity of these six women were arrested by Iranian security forces During the past few days their names are as the follow :
Sarina Fathi, Ronak Ahmadi, Leila Khalilzadeh from Saqez, Ronak Aghaee and her daughter, serwa Musa Zadeh from Mahabad and Mujgan from Sena (Sanandaj).
Serwa Musa Zadeh daughter of Ronak Aghai, was released after one day, and her mother, Ronak, was transferred to the central prison of Mahabad.
Along with the frequent follow-up of the families of detainees, there is currently no available information on their health and place of detention.

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