Latest health status of So'da Khadirzadeh and the reason for her suicide attempt in Urmia prison

So'da Khadirzadeh, a Kurdish political prisoner who hanged herself and also administered pills to her t

19 August 2022 12:14


Hengaw: Thursday, August 18, 2022

So'da Khadirzadeh, a Kurdish political prisoner who hanged herself and also administered pills to her two-month-old child in the women's ward of Urmia Central Prison, is facing an unstable health condition.

According to the latest information from Hengaw, the two-month-old baby girl "Alla" is being cared for in the prison's infirmary, and So'da is in an unknown condition without being transferred to medical centers outside the prison.

On Tuesday, August 16, So'da Khadirzadeh was taken to an unknown place by the officers of the Urmia Intelligence and security forces was under pressure and interrogation by the security officers for hours. Hengaw has been informed that the agents were looking for So'da's subliminal channel with the outside of the prison and how to spread the news about her and her child's condition.

Finally, the interrogators forced So'da to confess in front of the camera and asked her to say, "The condition of women in Urmia prison is very good and all health facilities and services are regularly provided to her and her child, and all the news from the women's ward. In this regard, the news published about Urmia prison by foreign organizations, especially Hengaw, is a complete lie."

According to the statements of an informed source, the security institutions have put pressure on So'da and stated that if she does not appear in front of the camera, they will send a medical case regarding her mental health and hand over her child to welfare.

After getting the confession and returning to the prison, So'da started administering pills to the child and subsequently hung herself. In this regard, she was immediately saved from death by her inmates, but it is stated that the vision of one of her eyes is severely damaged.

Hengaw Human Rights Organization requests all human rights organizations to pay special attention to the situation of So'da and her child, by emphasizing and reconfirming all the pressures applied to So'da since her pregnancy until now.

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