Full report on last night Clash in Marivan and Deliberate Burning of Kurdistan Forests by the IRGC forces

An armed clash between the Revolutionary Guards and the guerrillas of the K

17 June 2023 10:38


Hengaw; Saturday, June 17, 2023

An armed clash between the Revolutionary Guards and the guerrillas of the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) occurred in the villages surrounding Marivan last night, resulting in the death of at least one Revolutionary Guards member and the injury of two others.


Based on a report received by the Hengaw organization for Human Rights, the armed clash commenced on the evening of Friday, June 16th, 2023, in the mountainous region between the villages of Daratefi and Kani Sanan, located 7 kilometers from Marivan city. The clash persisted until 23:00 local time.

Hengaw reported the incident, including the death of a Revolutionary Guards member and the subsequent transfer of their body to Fajr Hospital in Marivan. The Public Relations division of the Revolutionary Guards in Kurdistan Province issued a statement on Sunday, confirming the event and identifying the deceased as Rezgar Tabireh, a resident of Marivan.

According to informed sources cited by Hengaw, the Revolutionary Guards intentionally ignited fires in the mountains of the region, deliberately preventing local residents from entering the area to control the blaze. 

An additional video obtained by Hengaw depicts simultaneous forest fires in the Kousalan mountain pastures between the villages of Selin and Zhiwar by the Revolutionary Guards and in a similar approach obstructing the villagers from approaching the affected areas to contain the fires.

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