Iranian Government Forces Ambushed a Village in Takab; Dozens of Kurdish civilians were detained and Injured

The Iranian government forces aggression against the residents of Aq Darreh village in

31 July 2023 15:07


Hengaw, Monday, July 31, 2023

The Iranian government forces aggression against the residents of Aq Darreh village in Takab,  Azarbaïdjan province, following their protests concerning the exclusion of indigenous people from employment opportunities in the Aq Darreh gold mine. The response by special tactics forces led to a violent crackdown, resulting in the injuries and detention of numerous Kurdish civilians.

According to a report received by the Hengaw organization for Human Rights, between 3 and 5 a.m. on Monday, July 31st, 2023 AD, approximately 100 members of the special tactics forces and law enforcement personnel launched an attack on Aq Darreh  village, in Takab city. The forces deployed tactics of terror and violence, leading to the injuries and apprehension of dozens of civilians. Out of the nearly 50 Kurdish individuals forcibly detained, the identities of 29 individuals have been confirmed by Hengaw, as listed below:

1. Abdullah Aftabi
2. Zakria Yarahmadi
3. Farhad Anoushe
4. Khezer Bahramian
5. Payam Bahramian
6. Abdullah Khusrowi
7. Kamel Khusrowi
8. Khalil Aftabi
9. Khalid Momeni
10. Ali Momeni
11. Aref Momeni
12. Mozaffar Parmodeh
13. Unidentified minor son of Mozaffar Parmodeh
14. Mohammad Khusrowi
15. Adel Khusrowi
16. Mehran Khusrowi
17. Ismail Momeni Zadeh
18. Ali Momeni Zadeh
19. Asghar Yarahmadi
20. Kamel Anoosheh
21. Mahmood Barfar
22. Ramin Taymori
23. Jalil Iranpour
24. Mansoor Arjomandkhah
25. Esmail Aftabi
26. Esmail Taymori
27. Jamal Iranpour
28. Daryush Nikzad
29. Saman Parmodeh

According to Hengaw's reliable sources, these individuals were brutally assaulted during their arrest and apprehension, and precise details regarding their current state remain unknown.

Hengaw has learned that during the attack on Aq Darreh village, the special units of IRGC also engaged in the destruction of homes and private vehicles, resulting in substantial financial damages to the villagers.

The previous day, some Kurdish youths in Aq Darreh  village staged a peaceful protest outside the Aq Darreh  gold mine, one of Iran's and the region's largest gold mines, demanding employment opportunities for local youth. However, the demonstration was met with a violent response by government forces, resulting in shots fired at the protesters.

During the gunfire, at least three Kurdish protesters by the names of Naser Bahramian, Hojjat MomenZadeh, and Armin Nikzad were severely injured and have since been transferred to hospitals in Urmia and Zanjan due to the severity of their physical condition.

Sources in Takab have reported that since yesterday, telephone and internet lines in Aq Darreh village have been disrupted, and there is a potential for another attack by government forces in the area. The situation remains highly volatile and warrants further monitoring and investigation.

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