35 Members of the "Green Mountain" environmental organization in Marivan-Kurdistan detained by Iranian authorities

Government forces of the Islamic Republic conducted an extensive raid, detaining 35 a

11 September 2023 09:49


Hengaw; Monday, September 11, 2023

Government forces of the Islamic Republic conducted an extensive raid, detaining 35 active members of the environmental association "Green Mountain" in the village of "Naji" in Marivan county. As of late last night, most of them have been released, with three individuals still in custody. So far, the identities of 17 detainees have been confirmed by Hengaw.

According to reports obtained by the Hengaw organization for Human Rights, on the evening of Sunday, September 10, 2023, a significant number of government suppression forces, including the Intelligence Directorate and the Intelligence of the Revolutionary Guards(IRGC), conducted a raid on the annual meeting of members of the “Green Mountain” Association in the village of Naji, in Marivan county. They detained 35 members of this environmental organization.

As of this moment, the identities of 17 of these detainees have been confirmed: Salar Azari, Kamal Konehpoushi, Madeh Khoshnavaz, Abdullah Belwasi, Kaweh Karimian, Kaweh Dastan, Jamal Ghaderi, Hiwa Babaei, Madeh Hematboland, Farhad Mouloudi, Naseh Hematboland, Luqman Konehpoushi, Sirwan Malarahim, Mohammad Afsari, Abdullah Balwasi, Shahou Toluei, and Ali Enayat.

Hengaw has learned that government forces brutally assaulted prior to detaining members of the “Green Mountain” Association and have confiscated their personal belongings, including mobile phones.

With continuous investigations, Hengaw has been informed that most of these individuals were released late last night. However, at least three of these activists, Kaweh Dastan, Kaveh Karimian, and Madeh Khoshnavaz are still held in detention by security agencies, and detailed information about the charges against them remains unknown.

Hengaw emphasizes that, as the anniversary of “Jina” revolution approaching the Islamic Republic, is under unimaginable pressure and, particularly following the Amini family's statement to conduct the commemoration ceremony for their daughter, in the ongoing pressure on the civil and environmental organizations Iranian government has resorted to destructive actions in various areas to legitimize violence against the activists in particular and the Kurdish population in general. In this regard, there are even attempts to mobilize troops to the Kurdistan region to marginalize the nationwide uprising in Iran.

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