Manifest from Justice-Seeking Families of the Woman, Life, Freedom Movement to the Munich Security Conference

Fifteen justice-seeking families in Kurdistan have submitted a manifesto to the M

20 February 2024 00:33


Hengaw, Monday, February 19, 2024

Fifteen justice-seeking families in Kurdistan have submitted a manifesto to the Munich Security Conference through Masih Alinezhad, urging for decisive action against the state-sponsored terrorism of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the alarming surge in executions.

Jina Amini's father emphasized the "ne exeat" restriction imposed on the Amini family in his communication with Masih Alinezhad.

The Islamic Republic of Iran was excluded from participating in the Munich security conference. During the "insurgents" panel of the conference, Masih Alinezhad, a human rights activist and journalist, referenced the manifesto of the justice-seeking families, highlighting their demand for international recognition of the IRGC as a terrorist organization, despite the loss of their loved ones.

The manifesto addresses the recent execution of seven Kurdish political prisoners on baseless charges of "cooperation with Israel," along with the tragic withholding of their remains from their families.

Masih Alinezhad reported on social media that she had presented the manifesto of Kurdish justice-seeking families to representatives from various countries, particularly those from the EU region.

The manifest of the 15 justice-seeking families in Kurdistan is as follows:

This message is from some of the justice seeking families whose beloved ones were killed by the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kurdistan to the Munich security conference. While we respect the omission of the Islamic Republic of Iran from attending the Munich security conference this year, our primary objective is to bring the international community's attention to the escalating trend of executions in Iran. Following the suppression of the Woman, Life, Freedom (Jin, Jiyan, Azadi) movement, the Islamic Republic persists in its relentless manslaughter in Iran, particularly in Kurdistan, amid the global silence. The international community must assert a serious and decisive stance against the Islamic Republic of Iran by taking drastic measures. Additionally, as Kurdish families whose beloved ones are executed by the IRGC, we call for robust actions from international institutions against this state-sponsored terrorism. Recently, the Islamic Republic executed several prisoners, including seven Kurdish political detainees, on baseless charges of collaborating with Israel. Furthermore, the remains of these individuals were not returned to us. What further steps can the democratic world take, like us, the justice-advocating mothers, against this ruthless regime?


Azimeh Hassanzadeh, mother of Mohammad Hassanzadeh

Sahiba Vaisi, mother of Peyman Manbari

Fatemeh Mortezavee, mother of Darioush Alizadeh

Sahar Zandi, mother of Arian Khoshgovar

Marzieh Rezaei, mother of Mohsen Niazi

Kolsoum Shahvaisi, mother of Aram Habibi

Arouz Hosseini, mother of Hooman Abdollahi

Hashem Saedi, father of Sarina Saedi

Ghodam Khair Mirzaei, mother of Yahiya Rahimi

Iran Ghorbani, wife of Habibollah Fathi

Nasrin Ahmadi, mother of Zaniar Allah Moradi

Sooebeh Amini, mother of Mohammad Shariati

Fatemeh Sharifi, mother of Shahou Bahmani

Aayeshe Amini, mother of Mohammad Amini

Fatemeh Hakimi, mother of Issa Beigi

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