Execution of 52 Kurdish citizens in 2019 + List of names

Execution of 52 Kurdish citizens in 2019 + List of names

10:28 - 8 January 2020


Hengaw: At least 52 citizens have been executed in the different cities of Kurdistan over the  past year which have been declining compared to the year before.

According to the registered statistics in the statistics center of Hengaw Organization for Human Rights,  over the year of 2019, at least 52 Kurdish citizens have been executed in the provinces of Ilam, Kermanshah, Lorestan, Kurdistan, West Azarbayejan and Khorasan which th identity of 46 of them have been authenticated by Hengaw and the identity of 6 of them have not been authenticated yet.

This figure was down by 26% Compared to the year of 2018 in which the execution warrant of 70 Kurdish citizens had been performed.


The execution of 2 children and 4 women

During the past year at least two underage teens (under 18 years old) who committed crimes in juvenile age, have been executed in Ilam and Kermanshah prisons. Moreover 4 women in the prisons of Sanandaj,  Urumiyeh(2 cases) and Mahabad have been executed.


Accusation division

During the past year, Kurdish citizens have been executed solely on charges of premeditated murder and drug related offenses.

Premeditated murder: 47 cases equivalent to 90% of all executions

Drug related offenses: 5 cases equivalent to 10% of all executions


Division by provinces

West Azarbayejan: 19 cases equivalent to 36.5% of all executions

Kermanshah province: 11 cases equivalent to 21% of all executions

Kurdistan province: 8 cases equivalent to 15% of all executions

Ilam province: 7 cases equivalent to 13.5% of all executions

Lorestan province: 4 cases equivalent to 7.5% of all executions

Razawi and north Khorasan: 3 cases equivalent to 6% of all executions


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