June 2020: Statistical report on Kolbars

June 2020: Statistical report on Kolbars

22:24 - 5 July 2020

Hengaw: In June 2020, at least 27 Kolbars fell victim to armed Iranian border guards or other dangers connected with their work in the border regions of Kurdistan.

According to the registered statistics of Hengaw Human Rights Organization, in June 2020 at least 7 Kolbars were shot dead by Iranian border guards in the mountainous border regions of Kurdistan (Iran-Iraq). 17 Kolbars survived armed attacks with serious gunshot wounds. Furthermore, two cases were reported in which Kolbars were injured in landmine explosions.

Statistical data:
Direct shots fired by Iranian border guards: 24 cases (7 killed, 17 injured)
Landmine explosions: 2 cases (2 injured)
Abuse: 1 case ( 1 injured person )

By provinces:
Province of Western Azerbaijan: 18 cases (7 dead, 11 injured)
Kordistan Province: 5 cases (5 injured)
Kermanshah Province: 4 cases (4 injured)