The bodies of 5 Kurdish Kolbars found after 8 days

The bodies of 5 Kurdish Kolbars found after 8 days

10:19 - 26 January 2021

 Hengaw: 8 days after 5 Kurdish kolbars  lost their lives in an avalanche on the Iranian Kurdistan-Turkish Kurdistan border, their bodies have been found by locals.

 According to the report received by Hengaw Human Rights Organization, after eight days have passed since the death of 5 Kolbars  from the village of "Kuran " in SomaBradost region of Urmia, on the evening of Monday, January 25, 2020 their bodies were found with the efforts of locals volunteers.

 Earlier, the identities of these 5 kolbars  were announced by Hengaw as :

Ualyi Khudayi, son of Hatem,
Firat Khudayi son of Khorshid, 
Matin Aslani, son of Osman, 
Bilin Ahmadi, son of Sadegh, 
and Yavar Aslani, son of Loghman, 
Whom one of them is  18 years old.

A resident of Kuran village told Hengaw that : "During the last week, Iranian political and security officials did not help the families of these 5 Kolbars , and on the other hand, the Turkish border guards threatened the villagers who went to the other side of border to find the missing kolbars by opening fire “.

 These five Kolbars were killed in an avalanche on Monday, January 18, 2021 in the village of Drishk in Turkish Kurdistan .