The identity of six protesters killed in Marivan is verified

The identity of six protesters killed in Marivan is verified

11:48 - 19 November 2019

Hengaw: Iranian security forces killed at least eight protesters on Saturday and Sunday in the western city of Marivan, according to eyewitnesses who spoke to Hengaw on condition of anonymity.

The security forces have arrested dozens of people since Friday when the protest began after the government of President Hasan Rouhani decided to raise the petrol prices from 1000 tomans ($0.10) to 3000 tomans ($0.30).

Widespread fuel protest morphed into anti-government process have broken out across Iran and in particular in the Kurdish areas in west of the country where most of the victims are reportedly from.

Hengaw has worked tirelessly through its contacts on the ground to identify those who lost their life during the protests in Marivan located in the Kurdistan province.

Two latest vicitims were identified on Monday and they are named as "Daniel estewari" from the village of Hana Garmeleh and "Idris Bewareh" from Marivan.

“Idris lost his life on Saturday, and Daniel estewari was hit in the head on Sunday, and on Monday he lost his life due to injuries” Hengaw contacts reported from the city of Marivan.

The identities of the six civilians who lost their lives in Marivan are as follows;
1- Osman Naderi
2- Mehran Tak
3- Shaho Walidi
4- Behrouz Maleki
5- Idris Bewareh
6- Daniyal Estwari

Osman Naderi is from the sub-district of Noodesha and a resident of Kani Dinar village in Marivan.

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