Young Kolbar killed in Nowsud mountains

Young Kolbar killed in Nowsud mountains

00:27 - 31 July 2020

Hengaw: A young Kolbar (cross_border labor) was shot dead as he was crossing the border near Nowsud.

On Thursday morning, June 30th 2020, border guards shot at a group of Kolbars in the mountainous border region near "Malaqandi" in Nowsud and killed one of them. Nowsud is a town near Paveh, a city in Kermanshah county.

Hengaw revealed the 29 year old Kolbar’s name to be "Vazir Mohammadi". He is from the village „Hashmar" near "Salas Babajani". The young man was married and had a child.

According to an informed source and the received photos, Vazir Mohammadi was shot in the head from a close distance by the guard corps.

Based on the registered statistics of Hengaw Human Rights Organization, since the begining of 2020 up to now (7 months), at least 21 Kolbars have been killed or injured near Nowsud borders.