June 2024: Ten Kurdish Kolbars Killed and Injured at the Borders of Iran

01 July 2024 11:03

Hengaw: Monday, July 1, 2024

According to statistics compiled by the Statistics and Documents Center of the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, at least 10 Kolbars were killed or injured at the borders of Iran in June 2024. Notably, 90% of these incidents resulted from direct gunfire by the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Based on this report, three Kolbars were killed and seven were injured.

The three Kolbars who were killed by direct fire in June are:

- Rahim Ebrahimi from Sardasht, West Azerbaijan (Urmia) Province.
- Hazhir Mohammadpour from Javanroud, Kermanshah Province.
- Arkan Balwaseh from Marivan, Kurdistan (Sanandaj) Province.

The majority of the incidents, totaling eight cases, occurred along the borders of Kurdistan Province (Sanandaj).

Causes of death or injury are outlined as follows:

- Direct shooting: 9 cases (2 dead and 7 wounded), accounting for 90% of all incidents.
- Drowning due to a fall into the river: 1 case (1 dead), accounting for 10% of all incidents.

Breakdown of victims by province:

- Kermanshah Province (Kermashan): 1 case (1 killed)
- Kurdistan Province (Sanandaj): 8 cases (1 killed and 7 wounded)
- West Azarbaijan Province (Urmia): 1 case (1 killed)

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