Shahin Ahmadi, mother of Armita Garavand, was arrested by security forces

Shahin Ahmadi, mother of Armita Garavand, was arrested by security forces

15:25 - 5 October 2023


Hengaw: Thursday, October 5, 2023

Shahin Ahmadi, mother of Armita Garavand, a 16-year-old victim of enforced hijab rule, was apprehended by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to a report received by the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, government security forces arrested Shahin Ahmadi, mother of Armita Garavand, in the vicinity of Fajr Hospital. Her whereabouts are unknown on Wednesday evening, October 4th, 2023.

Shahin Ahmadi was violently arrested by security forces, said an informed source. Currently, her whereabouts and custodial status remain unknown. Hengaw was informed that the family members of Mrs. Ahmadi are under district security conditions, preventing them from publishing any information about this matter.

In the last few days, government-affiliated media published an interview with Armita's parents. In this interview, Armita's mother stated, "We don't know; they said she has collapsed." The interview suggests that despite the pressure, Armita's parents do not have certainty about the cause of her unconsciousness.


One of the sources close to the family revealed to Hengaw that this interview was recorded within the premises of “Fajr” Hospital and under the intense presence and pressure of security forces.
Yesterday, Hengaw reported that conservation forces of the Education Department, along with a team of security agents, have arrived at the “Arwa al-Wathqi” Art Academy, where Armita Garavand is a student. They have threatened students and Armita's friends and demanded that they abstain from publishing any information regarding Armita.

Security agents have informed the students that severe consequences will follow any form of information published, including the sharing of Armita's photographs.