Second Arrest Made for Participation in Nawroz Festival in Ilam

04 April 2024 23:23

Hengaw; Thursday, April 4, 2024

Kamaran Badberoot, a resident of Malekshahi in Ilam Province, has become the second Kurdish individual detained by Iranian government forces for their involvement in Nawroz celebrations, following the recent apprehension of Faraj Arsen.

According to a report received by the Hengaw organization for Human Rights on Wednesday, April 3, 2024, intelligence forces of the Revolutionary Guards conducted a raid on Kamran Badberoot's residence in Malekshahi, Ilam Province, and subsequently took him into custody.

Reliable sources from Hengaw indicate that this Kurdish individual was arrested for participating in Nawroz celebrations without the presentation of a warrant or any legal documents at his residence. As of now, his whereabouts and custodial status remain unknown.

Additionally, Jamal Arsen was also detained by the Revolutionary Guards' intelligence forces in the same city yesterday.

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