A kolbar  wounded on the  borders  of Nowsud

A kolbar wounded on the borders of Nowsud

14:56 - 26 January 2021

Hengaw : A Kolbar from Salas Babajanu district of Kermashah province has been  seriously wounded by a direct shootings  from Iranian Border Guards forces  while crossing the borders  in Nowsud sub-district of Paveh.

 According to a report received by Hengaw  Human Rights Organization, on Monday, January 25, 2021, Iranian  Border Guards forced opened  fire on a group of Kolbars   On border heights of  Nowsud , and as a result a Kolbar was severely wounded . 

 Hengaw’s correspondent in Nowsud announced the identity of this Kolbars as  "Amir Veisi" 30-year-old , married , from the village of "Jojar" in  Thalas Babajani who was  severely wounded in the chest as a result of direct shootings from Iranian Border Guards  forces in Nowsud.
 He has been taken  to Paveh Hospital for treatment and is in critical condition.

 According to statistics compiled by the Statistics and Documentation Data Center of Hengaw  Human Rights Organization, at least 240 Kurdish Kolbars  and local tradesmen were killed or injured during  2020, whom 59 of them died and 181 injured.