Killing and wounded four Kolbars in Mariwan

26 May 2017 19:12

Hengaw: A group of Kolbars was ambushed by the Iranian military forces, left one killed and three wounded.

 The Iranian military forces ambushed a group of Kolbars in Tata border region in outskirts of Daraki village in Mariwan on May 25, killed one of them and wounded three others.

 According to Henagaw, a human rights news agency, the identities of wounded Kolbars are as follows:

- Tofigh Mustafayi, 45, from Pileh village in Mariwan

 - Adnan Shahidi, from bandool village in Mariwan

 - Hoshyar Sahrayi, from Walina village in Mariwan

 The name of killed Kolbar has not known so far, but based on the reliable sources, he is from Walejer village of Mariwan.

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