Hengaw’s report regarding the financial assistance to the wounded protesters of the “Jin, Jiyan, Azadî” Revolution in Kurdistan

During the recent revolution, subsequently the bloody repression of the people by the Isla

04 May 2023 11:17

During the recent revolution, subsequently the bloody repression of the people by the Islamic Republic of Iran in various cities, especially Bukan, Mahabad, Piranshahr, Saqqez, Sanandaj, and Javanroud, the number of injured increased protesters increased magnificently, and at the same time, the Iranian government forces began to strictly control medical centers and even Pharmacies. As a result of this anti-human pressure and control, access to medical treatment for the injured protesters was accompanied by indescribable difficulty, so most of the injured were forced to receive treatment at home with the cooperation of some trusted medics. The circumstances that have occurred have greatly increased the treatment costs for the injured protesters, and a significant number of them could not even afford the minimum treatments.

In this regard, by announcing the call, Hengaw began to collect financial aid for the injured.

Fortunately, this call was met with public trust, especially the people abroad, and within a month, an amount of approximately 18 thousand dollars was deposited into Hengaw’s account that was specially set for this purpose.

These aids were delivered to the injured protestors from February 2023 and during five stages from Hengaw’s colleagues inside the country and also through trusted individuals.

It needs clarification, due to currency fluctuations in Iran, the amount of aid is equal to approximately 889 million Tomans, which is divided as follows:

- 320 million Tomans (6480 USD) for the injured protesters of West Azerbaijan (Urmia) province.

- 288 million Tomans (5832 USD) for the injured protesters of Kurdistan province (Sanandaj)

- 231 million Tomans (4620 USD) for the injured in Kermanshah province (Kermashan)

- 50 million Tomans (1012 USD) for the injured in Ilam province

The financial aid is distributed according to the population, availability of trusted sources to deliver the amounts, the intensity of the conflict, and the number of wounded. All the steps of carrying out the work were done voluntarily by the colleagues of Hengaw without any payment, but money was paid to trusted persons for going back and forth and sometimes providing some items needed by the injured in excess.

In terms of security aspects, all documents and evidence are kept confidential with Hengaw, and the financial and tax performance report will also be submitted to the competent country of Norway as the place of registration of Hengaw.

Hengaw sincerely appreciates the public trust and will continue to build on its supportive performance in this regard.

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