Release of Final Verdicts by Sahneh County Judiciary for 71 Detained “Yarsan” adherents in Iran

Hengaw has been informed that The Sahneh County Judiciary has recently issued its conclu

28 July 2023 20:42


Hengaw; Friday, July 28, 2023

Hengaw has been informed that The Sahneh County Judiciary has recently issued its conclusive rulings concerning a case involving 71 individuals, including four women, who were detained in Sahneh last year and have affiliations with the Yarsan community.

According to the information received by the Hengaw organization for Human Rights, the final decision by Branch One of the Public prosecutor office and “Revolutionary” court in Sahneh, presided by chief judge Meysam Shoorjeh, has led to the accusation of two Yarsan adherents, Seyed Amin Abbasi and Nawshad Taheri, for "conspiracy and collusion to undermine national security." Their case has been referred to the court for further legal proceedings.

Furthermore, Siavash Hayati's case has been referred to the Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor's Office in Tehran, where he faces charges related to "conspiracy and collusion to undermine domestic security" and "propaganda activities against the system."

Two other individuals, Farhad Zolnoori and Fariborz Shah Ebrahimi, have been conditionally released under written pledge.

As per the final verdict, 34 of the individuals in this case have provided written pledge to abstain from committing similar offenses, while the remaining individuals have been acquitted of all charges related to their affiliations.

It is important to note that these detainees were arrested during the observance of the 21st anniversary of the assassination of Seyed Khalil Aalinejad by government forces on Friday November 18th, 2022, and were later released on bail.

The list of detainees, organized by their respective cities, is as follows:

1. Hadi Azizi
2. Salman Shirzadi
3. Hamid Sarozandi
4. Hossein Beidsorkhi
5. Seyed Masoom Razavi
6. Farhad Zolnoori
7. Reza Peiri
8. Ehsan Moradi Mahmoudabad
9. Noushad Taheri
10. Seyed Fariborz Ebrahimi
11. Yazdan Maleki Manjaghtapeh
12. Sarina Shirzadi
13. Seyed Kasra Ebrahimi
14. Foad Ebrahimi 
15. Amir Reza Darabi Gargalani
16. Ali Ebrahimi 
17. Aref Moradi
18. Mearaj Hemmati
19. Siamak Peiri
20. Farzad Hamdiyekdangi
21. Masoud Jafari
22. Seyed Fereydoon Taheri
23. Peyman Haqqjooian
24. Bardia Abdoltajadini
25. Neamat Paroli
26. Alireza Darabi Gorgelani
27. Hamid Reza Gargini Karaji
28. Seyed Fereydoon Ebrahimi 
29. Ilya Allahi
30. Hajir Shakeri
31. Shahrouz Esmaili
32. Mohammad Almasi
33. Behnaz Shebegard
34. Yasaman Sohrabi
35. Alireza Shebegard
36. Erfan Gholami
37. Mohammad Amin Khazaii
38. Fariborz Hayati
39. Rashid Mosa Kangarshahi
40. Ehsan Hasanbeigi Sarab Badiyeh
41. Amir Hossein Jarahi
42. Reza Sarmasti
43. Nima Alirezayi
44. Farhad Zolnoori
45. Amir Hossein Sharifi Sarab Badiyeh

Kermanshah (Kermashan):
1. Ali Nazari Tavbarani
2. Shahram Sangsefidi
3. Amir Hossein Khalegh karaji
4. Yazdan Tabaraki
5. Seyed Ali Daka 
6. Seyed Amin Abbasi
7. Seyed Soroush Abbasi

1. Rashid Mohammadi from Hashtgerd
2. Rashid Afshari from Hashtgerd
3. Siavash Koliaei from Mohammadieh
4. Hassan Aziznia Dolat Abad from Fardis
5. Amin Malekzadeh from Hashtgerd

1. Navid Hassanloo
2. Moqee Abdarrahmani
3. Afshin Azimi
4. Mohammad Reza Bahrami
5. Ghadir Rahimi

1. Saeed Almasi from Shahriar
2. Seyedeh Faizeh Raenaei from Malard
3. MehrAli Hemmati
4. Abdolmotaleb Aziznia Dolat Abad from Malard

1. Seyed Kamyaab Seyed Heydari from  Alvand

1. Farzad RahmatAbadi

Islamabad Gharb (Shabad):
1. Farzad Almasi

1. Siavash Hayati

Markazi Province:
1. Seyed Karam Abbasi from Saveh

(Note: The information provided is based on the available reports at the time of this reporting and is subject to updates as new details emerge.)

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