Baneh: Iranian Border Guards shoot Kolbar dead

Baneh: Iranian Border Guards shoot Kolbar dead

17:59 - 15 January 2022


Hengaw: A Kolbar from Baneh was killed by direct fire from Iranian border guards. Two other Kolbars were seriously injured in the attack.

According to the report received by Hengaw human rights organization, on January 14, 2022, a group of Kolbars came under fire from Iranian border guards in the Kila border region of Kurdistan province. One Kolbar was killed and two others injured in the armed attack.

The identities of the three Kolbars were discovered by a contact person of Hengaw. The Kolbar who was killed was a 24-year-old Kurdish citizen named Mehran Rahmani from Manikhalan village in Baneh. He was married and leaves a pregnant wife. The injured Kolbars are 45-year-old Ibrahim Rahmani, the uncle of the killed Kolbar and a resident of Kila village named Hawre Ahmadi.

According to an informed source, the Kolbars didn’t carry goods when they came under fire by the Iranian border guards.