Killing and Injury of 237 kolbars during 1398 solar year

Killing and Injury of 237 kolbars during 1398 solar year

23:52 - 21 March 2020


Hengaw: During the last solar year, 237 kolbars were killed or injured, most of them by direct firing by the Iranian Armed Forces. 8 of them were under 18 years old.

According to registered statistics at Hengaw Human Rights statistics center, at least 237 Kolbars of Kurdish civilians were killed or wounded on the borders and roads of Kurdistan during the last solar year.

According to this report, 66 were killed in the last year and 171 were woundd; more than 83% were killed or wounded by direct firing by armed forces.

Through the last year, at least 8 teenagers under the age of 18 were killed or injured while border crossing in the borders of Kurdistan. 6 of them lost their lives and 2 were injured. 5 were due to direct firing by the armed forces, and 3 were due to natural disasters, such as colds and falling from the cliffs.


Causes of death or injury:

Direct firing of the Armed Forces: 196 cases equals 83.2% of total cases

Natural disasters (cold, avalanche, rock fall, etc.): 26 cases equivalent to 10.5% of total

Landmine explosion: 8 cases equivalent to 2.3% of total

Driving accident: 4 cases equals 1.5% of total cases

Beaten by the Armed Forces: 3 equivalent to 1% of total cases

Heart attak Cases:  2 cases, equivalent to 3% of all cases


Breakdown based on province  Azarbaijane Gharbi Province (Urmia): 149 cases (38 Killed and 11 Wounded), Kurdistan province (Sanandaj): 57 cases (21 killed and 36 injured) Kermanshah Province (Kermanshah): 31 cases (7 killed and 24 injured)