Kolbar from Sardasht Murder in Piranshahr Border

12:01 - 1 November 2018

A married Kolbar from Sardasht was shot dead by Iran's armed forces in Piranshahr's border.

On Sunday, October 28, Iran's armed forces opened fire at a Kolbar from Sardasht and killed him in Piranshahr's border, according to the report of Hengaw Organisation for Human Rights.

"Khezer Mofidi" habitant of Goman and father to a child was murdered and his boddy is in Piranshahr's hospital. Untill now(updating this news) the boddy has not been handed to the family.

Over the past three days, 4 Kolbars from Sardasht were shot dead and injured by Iran's armed forces, according to Hengaw's statistics center