Kolbar-Report July 2020: 6 dead and 14 injured

Kolbar-Report July 2020: 6 dead and 14 injured

20:17 - 5 August 2020

Hengaw: At least 20 Kolbars were injured or killed in armed attacks by Iranian border guards or in accidents in the border regions of Kurdistan in July 2020.

Based on the registered statistics of Hengaw Human Rights Organization, at least 20 cases were reported in July 2020 in which Kolbars or traders were killed or injured during their work. In 80% of the cases, the Kolbars were killed or injured by targeted shots of Iranian border guards. In some cases, Turkish border guards also shot at them. A total of six deaths were registered.

Statistical data:
Armed attacks by border guards: 16 cases (5 killed and 11 injured) - 80% of all cases
Accidents: Four cases (1 dead and 4 injured) - 20% of all cases

By provinces:
West-Azerbaijan Province: 12 cases (four dead and 8 injured)
Kordistan Province: 3 cases (3 injured)
Kermanshah Province: 5 cases (2 dead and 3 injured)