Two Kolbars injured on the border of Sardasht

Two Kolbars injured on the border of Sardasht

22:12 - 22 May 2020

Hengaw: Two Kolbars were injured in a direct firing of the Iranian Revolutionary guards on the border of Sardasht.

According to the Hengaw, on Thursday, May 21, the Iranian armed forces stationed at the ”Beytoush” border base of Sardasht opened fire on a group of Kolbars and injured two Kolbars.

Mansour, 30, of Baghi village, and Bakhtyar, 32, resident of the Shalmash village who were wounded by Iran's Revolutionary guard.

According to Hengaw statistics, in one month, ninteen Kolbars and merchants have been victimised on the Kurdistan borders, that seven of them have died.

From all these cases, sixteen have been victimised in a direct fire by Iran's Revolutionary guards and Turkish guards and also three have been victimised due to natural disaster