With the arrest of 10  other Kurdish citizens in one day, the number of detainees in Iranian Kurdistan reaches to  44

With the arrest of 10 other Kurdish citizens in one day, the number of detainees in Iranian Kurdistan reaches to 44

13:41 - 20 January 2021

Hengaw : The wave of mass  detention of Kurdish citizens continues in different cities of Kurdistan, and yesterday at least 10 citizens have been  detained  in the cities of Piranshahr, Bukan and Kalatarzan.

 According to a report received by Hengaw  Human Rights Organization, on Tuesday, January 19, 2021, Iranian Intelligence forces in  Piranshahr  simultaneously arrested 3  Kurdish citizens, identified as Rasoul Lavazeh, a resident of Piranshahr, and Karim Khalifani and Hesamuddin Khezri from the  village of "Kani Bodaq " and transferred them to  an unknown location.
 At the same time, Iranian intelligence forces in  Naghadeh arrested and beat a citizen  identified as "Rahman Daryazi (Ebrahimi)" in the village of Pasveh near  Piranshahr.

On the same day, Iranian  intelligence forces in Bukan raided the home of a Kurdish citizen identified as Qader Rasoulpour in the village of Alikand and detained him. On evening of the same  an other citizen from Bukan identified as "Mohammad Haji Rasulpour" was detained at his workplace.

 According to an informed source, while detaining  Mohammad Haji Rasoulpour, the Iranian intelligence forces confiscated his personal belongings, such as mobile  phone , Laptop, and even his CCTV camera.

 Also at the same time , another citizen from Bukan  , identified as Ali Zulfi, was detained. 

Reports from Bukan  indicate that several other citizens have been detained, but their identities have not yet been clarified .

 In  Kalatarzan region of  Sanandaj, Iranian intelligence forces raided the village of Danikesh and detained  at least 3  citizens, identified as Omid Salimi, Rahim Salimi and Aso Mohammadi.

 As of preparation of this report , the reason or reasons for the arrest of the eight citizens or the charges against them are not clear as well as their whereabouts are still unknown .

 According to statistics recorded by the Statistics and Documentation Data Center of Hengaw  Human Rights Organization, at least 42 Kurdish citizens have been  detained by Iranian security forces from January 11 to January 20 (11 days), 3 of whom were released and 39 are still in custody.

 The verified identities of these 44 people are as follows;

1- Darya Talabani 
2- Shapul Khezri 
3- Soran Hosseinzadeh 
4- Salar Rahavi 
5- Afshin Mammadi 
6- Sirvan Nouri 
7- Iman Abdi 
8- Farzad Samani ( detained in Karaj) 
9-Soran Mohammadi 
10-Amir Bayazidi  Azar 
11- Asrin Mohammadi (detained in Tehran)

1- Zanyar Motamedi 
2- Karvan Minuyi
 3- Dana Samadi 
4- Sirvan Karimzadeh 
5- Jabbar Piroozi 
6- Karo Alidad (released)
 7- Sahib Badrouj (detained in Karaj) 
8- Adel Parvazeh 
9- Faramarz (detained in Tehran)

1- Azimeh Naseri 
 2- Hossein Gardashi
 3- Mohammad Haji Rasoulpour
4- Qader Rasoulpour
5- Alî Zulfi 

: 1- Abdullah Haji Ahmadi
 2- Peyman Haji Ahmadi 
3- Galavij Abdullahi 
4- Rahman Daryazi (Ebrahimi)

1- Salman Advaei (released) 
2- Siamak Advaei 
3- Akram Adavaei 
4- Fardin Adavaei

1- Karim Khezri 
2- Hesamuddin Khezri 
3- Rasoul Lavazeh

1- Omid Salimi
 2- Rahim Salimi 
3- Aso Mohammadi

1- Bahman Yousefzadeh 
2- Fereydoun Musapour 
3- Farhad Musapour

1- Aram Yousefi

1-  Taraneh Mohammadi (released)